Advent Christian Cemetery, Shelburne
Allendale Cemetery, Allendale
Anglican Cemetery, Churchover
Anglican Cemetery, West Green Harbour
Anglican Cemetery, Barrington Passage
Anglican Christ Church Cemetery, Shelburne Town
Atlantic Cemetery, Stoney Island
Atwoods Brook Cemetery (New), Atwoods Brook
Atwoods Brook Cemetery (Old), Atwoods Brook
Baccaro Cemetery, Baccaro
Barrington Cemetery, River Road
Birch Hill Cemetery, Bear Point
Black Point Cemetery, Black Point/Ingomar
Brighton Road Cemetery, Lockeport
Buchanan Memorial Cemetery, Lower Jordan Bay
Camp Hill Cemetery, Port LaTour
Cape Negro Cemetery (Seaview & Hillside), Cape Negro
Central Woods Harbour Cemetery, Central Woods Harbour
Centreville Cemetery, Centreville
Chapel Hill Cemetery, Shag Harbour
Chivers – Houston Methodist Cemetery, East Sable River/Lockeport
Church of Wildwood Cemetery, East Green Harbour
Church Street Cemetery, Lockeport
Crocheron Point Cemetery, Crocheron Point
Dall Cemetery, Lower Sandy Point/Jordan Ferry
Doctors Cove Cemetery, Doctors Cove
East Sable River Cemetery, East Sable River
Evergreen Cemetery, Lower Clarks Harbour
Farrington Cemetery, Farrington
Forbes Point Community Cemetery, Forbes Point
Forest Hill Cemetery, Barrington Passage
Green Grove Cemetery, Charlesville
Greenwood Cemetery, Lower Woods Harbour
Harbour Light Pentecostal Cemetery, East Green Harbour
Harbour View Cemetery, Port Saxon
Hill Side Cemetery, Brass Hill
Hillside Cemetery, Sable River
Jasper Harding Cemetery, East Sable
Jerry Daley’s Burial Site, West Green Harbour
Jones Harbour Cemetery, East Sable
Jordan Ferry Private Cemetery, Jordan Ferry
Jordan Ferry Union Cemetery, Jordan Ferry
Kenny Family Private Cemetery, Doctors Cove
Locke Family Cemetery, Lockeport
Lockeport Church/Lydgate Cemetery, Lockeport/Lydgate
Locust Hill United Baptist – Hayden Cemetery, Jordan Falls
Louis Head Cemetery, Louis Head
Lower Anglican Cemetery, West Green Harbour
McGray Burial Plot, Centreville
McPherson Private Cemetery, East Jordon
Micmac Cemetery, Louis Head
Middle Clyde Cemetery, Middle Clyde River
Mizpah Cemetery, Birchtown
Mount Pleasant and Upper Woods Harbour Cemetery, Mount Pleasant
Municipal County Home Cemetery, Sandy Point Road
New Anglican Cemetery, Jordan Falls
Newellton Cemetery, Newellton
North East Harbour Cemetery, North East Harbour
Oakvale Cemetery, Clark’s Harbour
Ocean View Cemetery, Jordan Bay
Ohio Community Cemetery, Lower Ohio
Old Anglican Cemetery, Jordan Branch Road
Old Cemetery, Little Harbour
Old Farm Cemetery, Shag Harbour
Old Kirk Cemetery, North East Point
Old Meeting House Cemetery, Barrington Head
Old Salem Chapel Cemetery, Port LaTour
Osborne Cemetery, Osborne
Parkdale Cemetery, Upper Port La Tour
Pine Grove Cemetery, Pine Grove
Pleasant Plain Cemetery, North West Harbour
Port Latour Cemetery, Port Latour
Pride Cemetery, Louis Head
Richardson Private Cemetery, Jones Harbour
Riverdale Cemetery (New), Barrington
Riverdale Cemetery (Old), Barrington
Rockland Cemetery, East Ragged Island/Rockland
Roseway Cemetery, Roseway
Ryan Cemetery, West Middle Sable River
Scott’s Memorial, West Green Harbour
Shelburne Methodist Cemetery, Shelburne
Smithville Union Cemetery, (East Baccaro) Smithville
St. John’s Kirkyard, Shelburne Town
St. Matthew’s United Church Cemetery, Clyde River
St. Paul’s United Church Cemetery, Carleton Village
St. Thomas Roman Catholic Church, Cemetery Shelburne
Stephens Cemetery, East Green Harbour
Swims Point Cemetery, Clark’s Harbour
Taylor Hill Cemetery, East Sable
Union Cemetery, Port LaTour
Union Church Cemetery, Middle Ohio
United Baptist Church Cemetery, Doctors Cove
United Church Cemetery, Bear Point
Upper Clyde Cemetery, Upper Clyde
Upper Sandy Point Cemetery, Upper Sandy Point
Villagedale Cemetery, Villagedale
Welshtown Cemetery, Welshtown
Wesley United Church Cemetery, Barrington Head
West Head Cemetery #1, (Townsend) West Head
West Head Cemetery #2, West Head
West Middle Sable Cemetery, West Middle Sable River
West Port Le Hebert Cemetery, West Port Le Hebert
West Sable River Cemetery, West Sable River
White Lily Cemetery, South Side
Williams & Firth Family Cemetery, East Green Harbour
Woodlawn Cemetery, Little Harbour
Woodside Cemetery, Port LaTour