Abercrombie Cemetery, Abercrombie (map)
Agidas Achim Jewish Cemetery, New Glasgow (map)
Alma Cemetery, Alma
Auburn Cemetery, Westville (map)
Baillie Cemetery, Lovat
Barbour Cemetery, Brookland
Beaton Cemetery, Millbrook
Bellevue Cemetery, River John
Bethel Presbyterian Cemetery, Scotsburn
Bezanson Cemetery, Lwr. Mount Thom
Black Point Cemetery, Black Point
Black River Cemetery, Black River
Black River United Cemetery, Pictou
Blanchard Road Cemetery, Blanchard Road
Blue Mountain Cemetery (New), Blue Mountain (map)
Blue Mountain Cemetery (Old), Blue Mountain
Bonnet-Raymondville Cemetery, Raymondville
Boot Hill Cemetery, Pictou
Bridgeville Cemetery, Bridgeville
Bridgeville Memorial Catholic Church & Cemetery, Bridgeville
Brookside Cemetery, Stellarton (map)
Brookville Cemetery, Brookville
Brora Lake Cemetery, Brora
Burial Point Cemetery, Merigomish
Caledonia Cemetery, Salt Springs
Cameron Cemetery, Mount Thom
Campbell’s Point / Murray Cemetery, Seafoam
Cape John Road Cemetery, River John
Cariboo Island Cemetery, Cariboo Island
Cariboo Upper River Cemetery, Cariboo River
Castle Hill Cemetery, McLellan’s Brook
Central Cariboo Cemetery, Central Cariboo
Chance Harbour #1 Cemetery (Daniel Cameron), Chance Harbour
Chance Harbour #2 Cemetery (Donald Cameron), Chance Harbour
Christ Anglican Church Cemetery, Stellarton (map)
Christ the King Roman Catholic Cemetery, Trenton
Church Brook Cemetery, Little Harbour
Churchville Cemetery, Churchville
Churchville Pioneer/McLellans Farm Cemetery, Churchville
Creighton Cemetery, Upper Mount Thom
Dalhousie/Deacon Dalhousie Mountain Cemetery, Dalhousie Settlement
Dewar Cemetery, Meiklefield
Diamond Cemetery, Diamond
Duff Pioneer Cemetery, Lourdes (map)
Durham Cemetery, Durham
East River Saint Marys Cemetery / Gunn Cemetery, East River
Ebenezer Cemetery, Salt Springs (map)
Eden Lake/Garden of Eden Pioneer Cemetery, Garden of Eden
Elgin Cemetery, Elgin
Elgin Pioneer Cemetery, Elgin/Hopewell
Forest Hill Cemetery, McLellan’s Brook
First Nations Reservation Cemetery, Pictou Landing
Fraser Cemetery, Blanchard Road
French River Presbyterian Cemetery, French River
Gammon Cemetery, Hedgeville (map)
Garden of Eden Cairn, Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden Cemetery, Garden of Eden
Gladstone Cemetery, Four Mile Brook
Grant Family Headstone, Marshdale
Gray Road Cemetery, Union Centre/Middle River
Green’s Brook Cemetery, Green’s Brook
Sutherland Cemetery, Six Mile Brook
Greenwood Cemetery, Pictou Landing
Gunn Cemetery, Six Mile Brook
Haliburton Cemetery, Haliburton (map)
Halliday Road Cemetery, Fox Brook
Hamilton Cemetery, Pictou Road, River John
Hattie/Avondale Cemetery, Avondale
Heatherdale Memorial Gardens, Sylvester
Highfield / Johnny Whiskey Cemetery, Westville
Hillside Cemetery, Trenton
Hodson Cemetery, Hodson
Holy Cross Cemetery/St. John the Baptist Cemetery, New Glasgow
Holy Name Roman Catholic Cemetery, Westville
Horne Cemetery, Little Harbour Road
Hungry Hill Cemetery, Millbrook
Indian Burial Ground, Braeshore
Irving Cemetery, Mount Thom
Kenzieville Cemetery, Barney’s River
Laggan Cemetery, Laggan
Landsdowne / New Lairg Pioneer Cemetery, New Lairg
Laurel Hill Memorial Cemetery, Pictou
Lorne Cemetery, Lorne
Lorne Street Cemetery, New Glasgow
Louisville Cemetery, Louisville
MacDonald Cemetery, Westville
MacDonald Family Cairn, Iron Rock
MacDiarmid Stone
Mackay Cemetery, Fox Brook
Mackay Cemetery, Mount Thom
MacKenzie Lovat / MacKenzie Cemetery, Lovat
MacLean Cemetery, Hopewell
McLellan’s Mountain Cemetery, Kirkmount/McLennan’s Mtn
MacLeod Cemetery, Fox Brook
MacPhersons Mills Cemetery, MacPherson’s Mills
Maple Grove Cemetery, East River Saint Marys
McCara Farm Cemetery
Marshdale Cemetery, Marshdale
Riverview Home, Cemetery
McEwen/Riverview Cemetery, Merigomish
McIntosh Greenvale Cemetery, Pictou/Greenvale
McLauren Cemetery, Telford
Meiklefield Cemetery, Meiklefield
Methodist Cemetery, River John
Middle River Birch Hill Cemetery, Rocklin
Millbrook Cemetery, Millbrook
Moose River Cemetery, Moose River
Mount Thom Cemetery, Upper Mount Thom
Mount William Cemetery, Mount William
Mountain Road Cemetery, River John
Murray Cemetery, Millbrook
Murray Point Cemetery, Lower Barney’s River
Murray West Branch Cemetery, West Branch
Oak Grove Cemetery, Salt Springs
Old Cemetery, Hopewell
Oliver Cemetery, Westville
Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery, Stellarton
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Pictou Landing
Pictou Island Pioneer Cemetery, Pictou Island
Pictou Island Sutherland Church Cemetery, Pictou Island
Piedmont Cemetery, Piedmont
Pioneer / Eden Lake Cemetery, Eden Lake
Pioneer Cemetery, Lismore
Pioneer Cemetery, Little Harbour
Pioneer MacGregor Cemetery, New Glasgow
Priestville Cemetery, Priestville
River Road Cemetery, Pictou
Riverbank Cemetery, Toney Mills
Riverside Cemetery, New Glasgow
Riverton Cemetery, Riverton
Rocklin Church Cemetery, Rocklin
Rocky Mountain Cemetery, Rocky Mountain
Saint Anne’s Mission Church, Indian Island
Salem Pioneer Cemetery, River John
Sarah Luke Headstone, Dalhousie Mountain
Sea Crest Cemetery, Near Old Lazeratto, Pictou
Scotch Hill Cemetery, Scotch Hill
Seaboard Cemetery, Cariboo River
Seaview Cemetery, Pictou
Short & Robinson Headstone, West River Station
Springville Cemetery, Springville
St Andrew’s Presbyterian Cemetery, Gairloch
St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Merigomish
St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Thorburn
St. Bee’s Episcopal Church Cemetery, Westville
St. Columba Cemetery, Hopewell
St. David’s Church Cemetery, Toney River
St. George’s Presbyterian Church Cemetery, River John
St. James Anglican Cemetery, Pictou
St. James Anglican Cemetery, Haliburton
St. John the Baptist Anglican Cemetery, River John
St. John’s Cemetery, Scotsburn
St. Luke Presbyterian Cemetery, Salt Springs
St. Mary’s Cemetery, Lismore/Bailey’s Brook
St. Paul’s Presbyterian Cemetery, Merigomish
St. Paul’s United Cemetery, Westville
Stanley Adams Cemetery, Salt Springs
Stella Maris Cemetery, Pictou
Stewart Cemetery (aka West River Station (Hill) Cemetery), West River Station
Stillman Cemetery, Eight Mile Brook
Sunny Brae Cemetery, Sunnybrae
Sutherland’s Lake Cemetery, Sutherland’s Lake
Sutherlands River Cemetery, Sutherlands River
Telford Cemetery, Telford
Thorburn Cemetery, Thorburn
Turnbull Cemetery, McLellan’s Brook
Union Centre Pioneer Cemetery, Union Centre
Valley View Cemetery, East River
Waterside Cemetery, Waterside
Watervale or Hill Cemetery, Watervale
West Branch Cemetery, West Branch
Sutherland Kerrowgare Cemetery, Pictou
Willis Dalhousie Mountain Cemetery, Elmfield/Dalhousie Mtn
Woodburn Cemetery, Woodburn
Woods Road Cemetery, Mount Thom