Acacia Cemetery, Conquerall Bank
Acension Lutheran Cemetery, Conquerall Mills
All Saints Anglican Cemetery (New), Bayswater (map)
All Saints Anglican Cemetery (Old), Bayswater
Auburndale Cemetery, Auburndale
Baker Settlement Cemetery, Baker Settlement
Baptist (New) Cemetery, Big Tancook Island
Baptist (Old) Cemetery, Big Tancook Island
Baptist Cemetery, Barss Corner
Baptist Cemetery, Fox Point
Basin View Cemetery/Bayview Anglican Cemetery, Chester
Bay Shore Mosher Cemetery, West Dublin
Bayport Cemetery, Bayport
Bayswater Boutilier Cemetery, Bayswater
Bayview Cemetery, Mahone Bay
Bell’s Island Cemetery, LaHave Islands
Blockhouse Cemetery, Blockhouse
Brick Hill Cemetery, Second Peninsula
Brookside Cemetery, West Dublin
Brookside Cemetery, Bridgewater
Bush Island Cemetery (New), LaHave Islands
Bush Island Cemetery (Old), LaHave Islands
Calvary Lutheran Church Cemetery, Middlewood
Canaan Community Cemetery, Canaan
Canadee Cemetery, Broad Cove
Cemetery, Watermills Rd, Crousetown
Center Sunny Valley Community Cemetery, Sunny Valley
Chester Old Burial Ground, Chester
Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Barrys Corner (Maitland District)
Christ Church Anglican Cemetery (New), New Ross
Christ Church Anglican Cemetery (Old), New Ross
Christ Church Anglican Cemetery 2 (Across the road), New Ross
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, Camperdown
Community Cemetery, Barss Corner
Corkum Private Cemetery, Mount Pleasant
Creek Hill Cemetery, East LaHave
Croft Dale Cemetery, Crescent Beach
Cropley Cemetery, West Dublin
Crouse Cemetery, Crousetown
Crouse’s Settlement Cemetery, Crouse’s Settlement
Crousetown Anglican Church Cemetery, Crousetown
Crousetown United Church Cemetery, Crousetown
Dayspring Community Cemetery, Dayspring
Der Strandfriedhof Cemetery, Upper Kingsburg
East Side Cemetery, Vogler’s Cove
Eisener Family Cemetery, Scarsdale
Epworth United Church Cemetery, New Germany
Farmville Cemetery, Farmville
Feltzen South Cemetery, Feltzen South
First Settlers Cemetery, Broad Cove
First South Community Cemetery, First South
Five Houses Pioneer Cemetery, Five Houses
Forest Hill Cemetery, Broad Cove
Fort Point Cemetery, LaHave
Garden Lots Community Cemetery, Garden Lots
Garden of Rest, Blockhouse
Garden of Rest, North River
Gates Cemetery, Lower Blandford
Gates Cemetery, Upper Blandford
Gates Deep Cove Road Cemetery, Upper Blandford
Gospel Hall/Crouse Family Plot, Nineveh
Green Haven Cemetery, Lapland
Harbourview Cemetery, Rose Bay
Hartman Cemetery, Mount Pleasant
Head of Lake Cemetery, Mount Pleasant
Hebbville Cemetery, Hebbville
Heckmans Island Cemetery, Heckmans Island
Hemford Cemetery, Hemford
Hillcrest Cemetery (New), Lunenburg
Hillcrest Cemetery (Old), Lunenburg
Hillside Cemetery, Branch LaHave/New Elm
Hillside Cemetery, Upper Northfield
Hillside Cemetery, Broad Cove
Hillside Cemetery, Clearland
Hillside Cemetery, Simpson’s Corner
Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Bridgewater
Indian Brook Cemetery, Watford
Indian Point Cemetery, Indian Point
Italy Cross Methodist Church Cemetery, Italy Cross
Knox Presbyterian Cemetery (New), Dublin Shore
Laconia Road Cemetery, Laconia
Lake Centre Cemetery, Lake Centre
Lake View Cemetery, Pleasant River
Lakeside Cemetery, New Canada
Lakeview Baptist Cemetery, Chester Basin
Lakeview Cemetery, Kingsburg
Little Tancook Island Cemetery, Little Tancook Island
Lone Oak Cemetery, New Elm
Lone Pine Cemetery, Lapland/Upper Branch
Lower Blue Rocks Cemetery (Old), Blue Rocks
Lower LaHave Cemetery, Lower Lahave
M. Cleveland Cemetery, Upper Blandford
Maple Grove Cemetery (aka Chelsea United Baptist Cemetery), Chelsea
Maple Grove Cemetery, West Northfield
Maple Hill Cemetery, Vogler’s Cove
Maple Leaf Cemetery, Conquerall Bank
Martin’s Brook Cemetery, Martin’s Brook
Martin’s Point Cemetery/St. Mark’s Cemetery?, Martin’s Point
Mayflower Hill Cemetery, Cherry Hill
McKean Cemetery, Conquerall Bank
Methodist Cemetery, Chester
Middle LaHave Cemetery, Middle LaHave
Middlewood Pentecostal Church Cemetery, Middlewood
Middlewood United Church Cemetery, Middlewood
Midville Branch Cemetery, Midville Branch
Mosher Private Cemetery, Upper Kingsburg
Mosher Private Cemetery, West Dublin
Mosher’s Island Private Cemetery, Mosher’s Island/West Dublin
Mount Pleasant United Church Cemetery, Mount Pleasant
Mulock Cemetery, Rhodes Corner
New Community Cemetery, Second Peninsula
New Cumberland Community Cemetery, New Cumberland
New West Pine United Cemetery, Pinehurst
Newcombville Cemetery, Newcombville
Northwest United Baptist Cemetery, Northwest
Old Anglican Cemetery, New Ross
Old Anglican/Bassin View Cemetery, Chester Basin
Old Baptist Cemetery, Chester Basin
Old Burial Ground, Petite Riviere
Old Burial Ground/Seaside Cemetery, Vogler’s Cove
Old Community Cemetery, Cherry Hill
Old Community Cemetery, East LaHave
Old Community Cemetery, Second Peninsula
Old French Cemetery, Lunenburg
Old Indian Path Cemetery, Indian Path
Old Knox (aka St. James Anglican Cemetery), Dublin Shore
Old Newburne Cemetery, Newburne
Old Pioneer Cemetery, Riverport
Old St. Andrew’s Cemetery, West Northfield
Old Zinck Cemetery, Blandford
Park Cemetery, Mahone Bay
Parkdale-Maplewood Cemetery (New), Parkdale-Maplewood
Peaceful Hill Cemetery, West Dublin
Pentecostal/Community Cemetery, Western Shore
Pine Grove Cemetery, Broad Cove
Pine Grove Cemetery, Pine Grove
Pine Hill Cemetery (aka Chester United Baptist Church), Chester
Pioneer Cemetery, Parkdale-Maplewood
Pioneer Cemetery, Lower Rose Bay
Pleasantville Cemetery (New), Pleasantville
Pleasantville Cemetery (Old), Pleasantville
Poplar Ridge Cemetery, New Cumberland
Private Cemeteries (8), Big Tancook Island
Publicover Cemetery, Crescent Beach
Riverside Cemetery, East LaHave
Romkey Family Cemetery, Crescent Beach
Rose Bay Community Cemetery, Rose Bay
Settlers Cemetery, Middle LaHave
Seventh Day Adventist Cemetery, Fox Point (map)
Shatford Cemetery, Conquerall Bank
Shepherds Hill Cemetery, Riverport
Sherwood Cemetery, Sherwood
Silver Cemetery, Rhodes Corner
Sims Cemetery, Simms Settlement
St. Anthony’s & St. Augustine’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Simms Settlement (map)
St. Augustine of Hippo Anglican Cemetery, Forties
St. Augustine Roman Catholic Cemetery, Chester
St. Barnabas Church Anglican Cemetery, Blandford (map)
St. Barnabas Old Anglican Crypt, Blandford
St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Northwest Cove (map)
St. George’s Cemetery, East River (map)
St. James Anglican Cemetery, Aldersville
St. James Anglican Cemetery, Conquerall Mills
St. James Cemetery (New), Fox Point (map)
St. James Cemetery (Old), Fox Point (map)
St. James’ Lutheran Cemetery, Branch LaHave
St. John in the Wilderness Cemetery, New Germany
St. John’s Anglican Cemetery, Borgel’s Point
St. John’s Anglican Crypt, Lunenburg
St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery, Bridgewater (map)
St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery, Chelsea
St. Luke’s Anglican Cemetery, Mount Pleasant
St. Mark’s Anglican Cemetery, Mill Cove (map)
St. Mark’s Evang Lutheran/Old Union Church Cemetery, Middle New Cornwall
St. Martin’s Anglican Cemetery, Martin’s River (map)
St. Matthew’s Anglican Cemetery (New), Upper LaHave
St. Matthew’s Anglican Cemetery (Old), Upper LaHave
St. Matthew’s Catholic Cemetery, Elmwood
St. Matthew’s Lutheran Cemetery, Newburne
St. Matthew’s Presbyterian Cemetery, Conquerall Mills
St. Matthias Anglican Cemetery, Italy Cross
St. Michael’s Anglican Cemetery, Petite Riviere
St. Norbert’s Catholic Cemetery, Lunenburg
St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cemetery (New), New Ross
St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cemetery (Old), New Ross
St. Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery, North River
St. Peter’s Anglican Cemetery, West LaHave
St. Peter’s Lutheran Cemetery, Chester
St. Stephen’s Anglican Cemetery, Chester
Sunnyside Cemetery, Whynott’s Settlement
Sweetland Cemetery, Sweetland
Tancook Island Cemetery 1, Big Tancook Island
Tancook Island Cemetery 2, Big Tancook Island
Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery, New Germany
Tumblin Cemetery, LaHave Islands
Union Cemetery, West Dublin
Union Church & Memorial Gardens, Middle New Cornwall
Union Church Cemetery, Beech Hill
Union Square Cemetery, Union Square
United Baptist Cemetery, Forties
United Baptist Cemetery, Middle New Cornwall
United Baptist Cemetery, Beech Hill
United Baptist Cemetery, Upper Blandford
United Baptist Cemetery, Western Shore
United Cemetery, New Ross
Upper Blue Rocks Cemetery (New), Blue Rocks
Upper Branch Cemetery, Upper Branch
Upper Cornwall Cemetery, Upper New Cornwall
Upper Kingsburg Cemetery, Upper Kingsburg
Upper Northfield Cemetery (Old), Upper Northfield
Walden Community Cemetery (formerly St. Mark’s Union Church Cemetery), Walden
Waterloo Cemetery, Waterloo
Wesley United Church Cemetery, Petite Riviere
West LaHave Cemetery, West LaHave
Woodlawn Cemetery, Cherry Hill/Broad Cove