All Saints Anglican Church Cemetery, Canso (map)
Aspen Baptist Cemetery, Aspen (map)
Baptist Church Cemetery, Cole Harbour
Barachois Cemetery, Wine Harbour
Bayview Baptist Cemetery, Half Island Cove
Bayview Cemetery/Goldboro Cemetery, Goldboro
Bethel Presbyterian Cemetery, Caledonia
Boylston Baptist Church Cemetery, Boylston
Boylston United Cemetery, Boylston (map)
Bryden Brook Cemetery, Aspen & Glenelg (on road b/w)
Caledonia Cemetery, Caledonia
Cherry Hill Cemetery, Port Hilford
Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Guysborough
Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Queensport
Church of the Good Shepherd Anglican Cemetery, Tor Bay
Cruickshank Cemetery, Lower Caledonia
Cumminger Cemetery, Lower Caledonia
Dort’s Cove Cemetery, Dort’s Cove
Evergreen Cemetery, Aspen (map)
Evergreen Cemetery, Country Harbour Crossroads/Aspen/Glenelg
Evergreen United Cemetery, Guysborough
Fancy’s Point Cemetery, Marie Joseph
Feltmate Family Cemetery, Lower Whitehead
First Harpellville Cemetery, Harpellville
Fisherman’s Harbour Cemetery, Fisherman’s Harbour
Fourth Hill Cemetery, Canso (map)
Glencross Cemetery, Smithfield
Goshen Cemetery, Goshen
Grace United Church & Trinity Anglican Church (Old Methodist?), Lower Whitehead
Hattie Cemetery, Caledonia (map)
Hewitt Store Graveyard, Port Hilford
Hillside Cemetery, Newtown
Hillside Cemetery, Port Bickerton
Hillside Cemetery, Seal Harbour
Holland Harbour Cemetery, Holland Harbour
Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Hadleyville
Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Country Harbour Mines
Lakeside Cemetery, Port Hilford
Liscomb Mills Cemetery, Liscomb
Lower Baptist Cemetery, Aspen
Lower Caledonia Cemetery/John Campbell Presbyterian Cemetery, Lower Caledonia
Manchester Cemetery, Manchester
Middle Melford United Cemetery, Middle Melford
Mulgrave & Area Resting Place, Mulgrave
Myers Settlement Cemetery, Manchester
Nelson’s Hill Cemetery, Country Harbour Crossroads
New Chester Cemetery, New Chester
New Harbour Baptist Cemetery, New Harbour
Newtown Cemetery, Newtown
North Intervale Cemetery, Guysborough Intervale
North Intervale United Church Cemetery, Guysborough Intervale
North Side West River Road Cemetery, Lower Caledonia
Old Baptist Cemetery, Upper Whitehead
Old Canso Cemetery, Canso
Old Methodist Cemetery, Guysborough
Pine Tree Cemetery, Newtown
Pioneer Cemetery, Trafalgar
Pioneer Cemetery, Isaac’s Harbour (map)
Port Felix Cemetery, Port Felix
Red Head Cemetery, Webb’s Cove
Riverside Cemetery, Glenelg
Riverside Cemetery, New Harbour
Riverside Cemetery, Sherbrooke
Riverside Cemetery, Sonora
Rood Cemetery, Port Hilford – Indian Harbour Lake
SeaSide Cemetery, Seal Harbour
Second Harpellville Cemetery, Harpellville
Smithfield Cemetery, Smithfield
St. Agnes RC Cemetery, Little Dover
St. Andrew’s Anglican Cemetery, Mulgrave
St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Churchyard Cemetery, Guysborough
St. Barnabas Cemetery, Ecum Secum
St. Bartholomew Anglican Church Cemetery, Cole Harbour
St. Francis deSales RC Church Cemetery, Giant’s Lake
St. Francis Harbour Roman Catholic Cemetery, St. Francis Harbour (map)
St. James Anglican Church Cemetery, Sherbrooke
St. James Anglican Church Cemetery, Middle Melford
St. James the Martyr Anglican Church Cemetery, Halfway Cove
St. John’s United Cemetery, Liscomb
St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Charlos Cove
St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Port Felix
St. Lawrence RC Church Cemetery, Mulgrave
St. Luke’s Anglican Cemetery, Liscomb
St. Mary’s River Anglican Cemetery, Sonora
St. Matthew’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Marie Joseph
St. Monica’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Lincolnville
St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Guysborough Intervale
St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Wine Harbour
St. Paul’s Anglican Cemetery, Boylston
St. Paul’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Bickerton West  (map)
St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Stillwater
St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Larry’s River
St. Thomas Cemetery, Salmon River (on the hill)
St. Vincent DePaul Roman Catholic Cemetery, Queensport
Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church Cemetery, Canso (map)
Stormont Cemetery, Stormont
Sunset Cemetery, Argyle
Sunset Rest – St. Thomas Anglican Cemetery, Indian Harbour Lake
Sutherland Cemetery, Lower Caledonia
Trinity United Church Cemetery, Mulgrave
Union Cemetery, Queensport
United Baptist Cemetery, Isaac’s Harbour
United Baptist Cemetery, Port Hilford
United Church Cemetery, Hadleyville
Waternish Cemetery, St. Mary’s District
Wine Harbour Cemetery, Wine Harbour
Yankee Harbour Cemetery (small cemetery at this abandoned fishing village near Whitehead)
Zion United Church Cemetery, Country Harbour Crossroads