Advocate Cemetery, Advocate
Allenville United Cemetery, Allenville
Amherst Cemetery (aka Highland View Cemetery), Amherst
Amherst Head Cemetery, Amherst Head
Amherst Point Cemetery, Amherst
Amherst Shore Baptist Cemetery, Amherst Shore
Anderson Cemetery, Northport
Angevine Cemetery, Wallace
Anglican Cemetery, Pugwash
Anglican Cemetery (Old), Parrsboro
Apple River Cemetery, Apple River
Athol Cemetery, Athol
Atkinson Cemetery, Millvale
Baptist Cemetery, River Philip
Barronsfield Cemetery No. 1, Barronsfield
Barronsfield Cemetery No. 2, Barronsfield
Barronsfield Cemetery No. 3, Barronsfield
Baxter Cemetery, Lorneville
Berry Cemetery, Pugwash Jct
Bible Camp Cemetery, Malagash Mine
Birch Cove Cemetery, Birch Cove
Birch Grove Cemetery, Little River
Birchwood Cemetery, Birchwood
Bird Cemetery, East Mapleton
Brown Cemetery, Miller Road
Brown Cemetery, New Salem
Brown Cemetery, South Brook
Brown Cemetery, Mapleton
Brown/Delaney Cowboys Cemetery, Wallace
Brownell Cemetery, Northport
Calvary United Church Cemetery, Mount Pleasant
Canfield Cemetery, Wallace
Cape D’or Cemetery, Cape D’or
Catholic Cemetery, Spencers Island
Cemetery, Mattatall Lake
Cemetery, Millvale
Cemetery, East Mapleton
Chapman Settlement Cemetery, Chapman Settlement
Christ Church Cemetery, West Amherst
Church of England Cemetery, Oxford Jct
Church of the Good Sheppard Cemetery, Tidnish Crossroads
Clairmont Cemetery, Clairmont
Collingwood-Wyvern Cemetery, Wyvern
Conn Mills Cemetery, Conn Mills
Cook’s Cemetery, Birchwood
Coulter Cemetery, Wallace
Cranberry Lake Cemetery, New Canaan
Crawford Cemetery, Hartford
Cumberland Home Cemetery, Pugwash
David McCormick Cemetery, Mount Pleasant
David’s Creek Cemetery, Fox Harbour
Dickie Burial Site, Mount Pleasant
Donkin Cemetery, River Philip
Dotten Cemetery, North Wallace/Wallace Bay
Dougherty Cemetery, Pugwash Jct
Doyle Cemetery, Tidnish
Eagle Hill Cemetery, Westchester
Eaton Cemetery, Pugwash Jct
Fenwick Cemetery, Fenwick
Fife Cemetery, New Canaan
Fillmore Cemetery, Millvale/River Philip
Fort Lawrence Cemetery, Fort Lawrence
Fountain Cemetery, Westchester Mountain
Fraser Cemetery, Rockley
Fraserville Cemetery, Fraserville
French Cemetery, Diligent River
Fullerton Burial Site, New Canaan
Fulton Cemetery, Lower Greenville
Garrett Cemetery, New Salem
George Oxley Cemetery, River Philip/Tidnish Crossroads
Gilbert Cemetery, New Canaan
Glenville Cemetery, Glenville
Glenville United Church Cemetery, Glenville
Grace United Church and Cemetery, Port Greville
Gravel Pit, Westchester
Halfkenny Burial Site, Lower Maccan
Halfway River Union Church Cemetery, Halfway River
Hardscrabble Cemetery, Joggins
Harrison/Atkinson Cemetery, Lower Maccan
Hastings United Church Cemetery, Hastings
Head of Amherst Cemetery, Amherst Head
Higgins Mountain Cemetery, Higgins Mountain
Hillside Cemetery, Linden
Hillside Cemetery (aka Springhill Cemetery), Springhill
Hillside No. 1 Cemetery, River Hebert
Hillside No. 2 Cemetery, River Hebert
Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery, Fox River
Houseshoe Cove Cemetery, Cape D’or
Howe Site Cemetery, Beecham Rd
Hudson Cemetery, Hansford
Hunter Cemetery, Leamington
Indian Burial, Streets Ridge/Wentworth
Indian Burial Ground, Springhill
Indian Burial Ground, Tidnish
Jenks Cemetery, Halfway River
Kerr Cemetery, Fox Point Road
Kerrs Mill Cemetery, Wallace River
Kewachuk Farm Cemetery, North Wallace
King Burial Site, Mount Pleasant
King Seaman Lake Cemetery, Minudie
Kolbec Cemetery, Kolbec
Lambs Hill Cemetery, Parrsboro
Langille Cemetery, Upper Gulf Shore
Leamington Cemetery, Leamington
Leicester Cemetery, Leicester
Little Rusthon Cemetery, Kolbec
Lower River Hebert Cemetery, Lower River Hebert
Lunn Cemetery, New Salem
MacAloney Cemetery, Strathcona
Maccan Cemetery, Maccan
Maccan United Baptist Cemetery, Maccan
MacDonald Cemetery, Gulf Shore Rd.
MacDonald Cemetery, Linden
MacKenzie Cemetery, Lower Gulf Shore
MacKenzie Cemetery, North Shore
Malagash United Cemetery, Malagash Point
Mansfield Cemetery, Mansfield
Mapleton Cemetery, Mapleton
Mattinson Cemetery, Hansford/Mount Pleasant
Mayne Cemetery, Hansford
McDonald Cemetery, Westchester
McElmon Cemetery, Tidnish Crossroads
McLeod Cemetery, Upper Gulf Shore
McNab’s Cemetery, Malagash
Melville United Church Cemetery, Gulf Shore Rd.
Methodist Cemetery, Diligent River/Wharton
Methodist/Presbyterian Cemetery, Cross Roads
Michael Fortune Cemetery, Nappan
Miers Cemetery, Wentworth
Mills Cemetery, Lower Linden
Millvale Cemetery, Millvale
Millvale United Baptist Cemetery, Millvale
Millvale United Cemetery, Millvale
Miners Cemetery, Malagash
Minudie Cairn, Minudie
Mitchell Cemetery, Middleboro
Monument Hill Cemetery, Richmond
Moore Cemetery, Westchester
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Mount Pleasant
Murphy Cemetery, New Salem
Nappan Episcopal Cemetery, Nappan/Maccan
Nappan Farm House, Nappan
Nappan Methodist Cemetery, Nappan
New Canaan Cemetery, New Canaan
New Knox Cemetery, Wallace
New Yarmouth Cemetery, New Yarmouth
Nicolson Cemetery, Gulf Shore Rd.
Northport Cemetery, Northport
Northport Hillside Cemetery No. 1, Northport
Northport Hillside Cemetery No. 2, Northport
Oak Island Cemetery, Wallace
O’Brien Cemetery, East Mapleton
Old Baptist Cemetery, Little River
Old Baptist Cemetery, Wentworth Center
Old Burying Ground, Amherst
Old Catholic Cemetery, Springhill
Old Cecil Fletcher Property, Port Greville
Old Hatfield Cemetery, Fox River
Old Knox Cemetery, Wallace
Old Methodist Cemetery, Wallace
Old Thomson Cemetery, Thomson
Older Anglican Cemetery, Black Rock
Palmerston Cemetery, Pugwash
Parrsboro Christ Church Cemetery, West Bay/Black Rock
Parrsboro United Baptist Cemetery/Trinity United Church Cem, Parrsboro
Patton Cemetery, Little River
Peers Cemetery, Roslin
Pettygrew Cemetery, Thunder Hill
Pettygrew Cemetery, Boars Back Road
Pine Grove Cemetery, Oxford
Pioneer Cemetery, Oxford
Pioneer Cemetery, River Philip
Pioneer Cemetery, Wallace Bay
Plaster Rock Cemetery, Conn Mills
Point Hill Cemetery, West Advocate
Port Howe Cemetery, Port Howe
Presbyterian Cemetery, Maccan
Presbyterian Cemetery, Lower Wentworth
Pugwash River United Cemetery, Pugwash River
Purdy Cemetery, Malagash/Westchester
Quinn Cemetery, New Canaan
Ragged Reef Cemetery, Joggins
Reformed Presbyterian/Hillside Cemetery, Linden
Renwick United Church, Linden
River Hebert Community Cemetery, River Hebert
River Philip United Church Cemetery, River Philip
Riverbank Cemetery, Port Greville
Riverside Cemetery, Wallace River
Riverside Cemetery and Chapman Cemetery, Wallace River
Riverside Cemetery/Chappell Family Cem, Tidnish Bridge/Wallace River
Robertson Cemetery, Gulf Shore Rd.
Rockley Cemetery, Rockley
Rockwell Cemetery, Chapman Settlement
Rodney Cemetery, Rodney
Rose Cemetery, Westchester
Rose/Embree Cemetery, Westchester
Rushton Pioneer Cemetery, Westchester/Kolbec
Sailor’s Cemetery, Diligent River
Saint Charles – Nativity Roman Catholic Cemetery, Amherst (external link)
Saint Cornelius RC Church Cemetery, Wentworth
Seaman Cemetery, West Pugwash
Shannon Cemetery, Parrsboro
Shulee Cemetery, Shulie
Skiffy Gardens Cemetery, Sand River
Sloop Creek Farm Cemetery, West Apple River
Southampton Cemetery, Southampton
Spicer’s Cove Cemetery, West Apple River
Springhill Junction Cemetery, Springhill Jct
St. Andrew’s Anglican Cemetery, Wallace Bridge
St. Andrews United Church Cemetery, Fox Harbour
St. Brigid’s Cemetery, Parrsboro
St. Cyprian RC Church Cemetery, Wallace Ridge
St. Denis Church Cemetery, Minudie
St. George’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Parrsboro
St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery, Springhill
St. John’s Anglican Church Cemetery (aka Diligent River Anglican Cemetery), Diligent River
St. Mark’s Anglican Church of Canada Cemetery, Moose River
St. Matthew’s Presbyterian Cemetery, Wallace
St. Matthew’s United/Methodist Cemetery, Pugwash
St. Thomas More Catholic Cemetery (New) South Pugwash
St. Thomas More Cemetery (Old), Pugwash
Steven’s Cemetery, Lower Wentworth
Stewart Cemetery, Williamsdale/Westchester/Roslin
Sutherland Cemetery, Sutherland’s Lake
Tays Burial Site, South Brook
The Angus Cemetery, Northport
The Lone Indian Cemetery, Sunny Side/Springhill
Thompson Family Cemetery, Conn Mills
Thomson Cemetery, Oxford
Thunder Hill Cemetery, Halfway River
Trinity Cemetery, River Hebert
Truemanville United Church Cemetery, Truemanville
Two Rivers Cemetery, Two Rivers
Union Church Cemetery, New Salem
United Baptist Church Cemetery, Beckwith
United Baptist Church Cemetery, Diligent River
United Church of Canada Cemetery, Shinimicas
United Church of Canada Cemetery, Lorneville
Upper Wentworth Cemetery, Upper Wentworth
Vale Cemetery, Gulf Shore Rd.
Victoria Cemetery, Victoria
Wallace Bay Cemetery, Wallace Bay
Wallace Cemetery, Wallace
Wallace River Baptist Cemetery, Wallace River
Ward Cemetery, Advocate Harbour
Wards Brook Baptist Cemetery, Wards Brook
Warren Baptist Cemetery, Warren
Waugh Cemetery, Gulf Shore Rd.
Wentworth Cemetery, Wentworth
Wentworth United Baptist Cemetery, Wentworth Center
Wesleyan Methodist Burial Ground, Advocate Harbour
West Advocate Harbour Cemetery, West Advocate Harbour
West Apple River Cemetery, West Apple River
West Brook Cemetery, West Brook
West Brook Memorial Gardens, West Brook
Westchester United Baptist Cemetery, Westchester
Williamsdale Cemetery, Williamsdale
Windham Hill Cemetery, Windham Hill
Wotton Cemetery, New Canaan