A’Court Cemetery
Aenon Baptist Cemetery, North River (map)
Anglican Cemetery, Kemptown
Anglican Christ Church Cemetery, Clifton
Balfron Cemetery, Balfron
Baptist Cemetery, Five Islands
Baptist Cemetery, Bass River
Baptist Cemetery (aka Wilson Cemetery), Belmont
Bayview Cemetery, Barrachois (map)
Bell Gift Cemetery, West New Annan
Belmont/Cross Road Cemetery (aka Boyd’s Methodist), Belmont
Bible Hill Cemetery, Bible Hill (map)
Blackmore Memorial Cemetery, Upper North River
Brodrick Cemetery, Five Islands (external link)
Brookfield East and Westside Cemetery, Brookfield
Brule Cemetery, Brule (map) (external link)
Buckler-MacBurnie Cemetery (Private), Brule Shore
Burnt Hill Cemetery, Burnside
Calvary Union Church Cemetery, Green Oaks (map)
Camden Cemetery, Camden
Castlereagh Cemetery, Castlereagh
Central New Annan Cemetery, Central New Annan
Chambers Cemetery, Sand Point
Chapel Point Cemetery, Tatamagouche
Church of England Cemetery, Londonderry
Church Site Cemetery, Lake Road
Clark’s Private Cemetery, Mattatall Lake Area
Cock Cemetery, East New Annan
Colchester County Home Cemetery, North River
Colter Family Cemetery, Riverside
Cottam Cemetery, East Folly Mountain
Crossroads Cemetery (Valley United Church), Valley
Crowe Cemetery, Pleasant Hills
Dartt Family Cemetery, Green Oaks
Debert Baptist Cemetery, Debert (map)
Downing Cemetery, South Branch
Durning Cemetery, Economy Point
Earltown Church Cemetery, Earltown
Earltown Village Cemetery, Earltown
Eastville Cemetery, Eastville
Economy Cemetery, Economy (map)
Ellis & Woodworth Cemetery, Stewiacke
Family Plot Lower, Economy
First Framed Church Cemetery/Pioneer Cemetery, Gays River
First West (Pioneer) Cemetery, Pleasant Valley
Fisher Creek Cemetery, Green Oaks
Folly Mountain Cemetery, West Folly Mountain
Folly Village Cemetery, Glenholme (external link)
Forest Glen Cemetery, Forest Glen
Forest Hill Cemetery, Denmark
French River Cemetery, French River
Gahan Burial Ground, South Branch
Geddes Cemetery, Highland Village
Greenfield Cemetery, Greenfield
Harmony Cemetery, Harmony (map)
Highland Village Cemetery, Highland Village
Hilden Cemetery, Hilden
Hillcrest Cemetery, Londonderry
Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Fort Ellis
Immaculate Conception Cemetery, Truro
Isgonish Marsh Burying Ground, Lower Belmont
Island Cemetery, Bass River
Kemptown Cemetery, Kemptown
Kemptown-Riversdale United Cemetery, Kemptown
Lockerby Memorial Cemetery, Tatamagouche
Lower Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Lower Pleasant Valley
Lynch Cemetery, Shubenacadie East
Lynn Mountain Cemetery, Lynn Mountain
MacKenzie Cemetery, Earltown
MacLean Cemetery, Riversdale
Mahon Cemetery, Great Village
McCallum Settlement Cemetery, McCallum Settlement
McCollum Cemetery, Camden
McDonald Cemetery, Central North River
McLaughlin Cemetery, Economy
McLeod Cemetery, Central North River
Meadowvale Cemetery, Meadowvale
Methodist Cemetery, Five Islands
Micmac Cemetery, Hilden
Middle Road Cemetery (aka Debert Cemetery), Debert (map)
Middleton Corner Cemetery/Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Middleton
Millard Gift Cemetery/Mattatall Cemetery, Sand Point
Moslem Cemetery, Valley
Mr. Dick’s Cemetery, Fort Ellis
Murray Cemetery, The Falls
Nelson Burial Ground, Riverside
New Middle Stewiacke Cemetery, Middle Stewiacke
Old Baptist Cemetery, Upper Stewiacke
Old Barns Cemetery, Old Barns
Old Clifton Cemetery, Clifton
Old Middle Stewiacke Cemetery, Middle Stewiacke
Old Roman Catholic Cemetery, Lornevale
Onslow Cemetery, Onslow
Otterbrook Cemetery, Otterbrook
Pembroke Cemetery, Pembroke
Peppard Cemetery, Montrose
Phillips Cemetery, Green Oaks
Pine Grove Cemetery, East Stewiacke (map)
Pleasant Hills Cemetery, Pleasant Hills/Portaupique
Plum-Hole Cemetery, Beaver Brook
Portaupique Beach Cemetery, Portaupique
Portaupique Mountain Cemetery, Portaupique Mountain
Presbyterian (North) Cemetery, Belmont
Presbyterian (South) Cemetery, Belmont
Presbyterian Cemetery, Five Islands
Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Portaupique
Proven Cemetery, Burnside
Riversdale Cemetery, Riversdale
Riverside Cemetery, Upper Stewiacke
Riverside United Church Cemetery, Bass River
Robie Street Cemetery, Truro
Sand Point Cemetery, Sand Point
Sandeson Cemetery, Greens Creek
Sandville Cemetery, Sandville
Shortt Family Catholic Cemetery, Pleasant Valley
South Branch Cemetery, South Branch
Squire Wm MacKay Rd Cemetery, College Grant/Earltown
St. Ambrose Catholic Cemetery, Londonderry
St. John’s Anglican Church Cemetery (aka Terrace Hill Cemetery), Truro
St. Michael’s Silent City Roman Catholic Cemetery, Middleton (map)
St. Paul’s Anglican Cemetery, Londonderry
Staples Pioneer Cemetery, Upper Belmont
Steel Island Cemetery
Struid Cemetery, Sand Point
Sunny Brae Cemetery, French River
Tatamagouche Mountain Cemetery, Tatamagouch Mountain
The Falls Cemetery, The Falls (map)
The Four Oaks Cemetery, West Tatamagouche
Truro Heights Cemetery (aka United Baptist Church Cemetery), Truro Heights (map)
Union Church Cemetery (aka Bayhead Cemetery), West Tatamagouche
United Cemetery, Five Islands
United Church Cemetery, Clifton
United Church Cemetery, North River
United Church of Canada Cemetery, Gays River
Upham Cemetery, Upper North River
Upper Brookfield Cemetery, Upper Brookfield
Upper Kemptown Cemetery, Upper Kemptown
Vance Cemetery, Great Village
Village Cemetery/Sharon United Cemetery, Tatamagouche
Waldgrave Cemetery, Waldegrave
Watson Cemetery, Truro
West Branch Cemetery, North River
Willow Church Cemetery, Waugh’s River (map)
Wittenberg Cemetery, Wittenberg