Cape Breton

Alfred E. Smith Cemetery, Sydney Forks (map)
All Saints Cemetery, New Waterford (map)
Bailey Cemetery, Donkin
Balls Creek Cemetery, Balls Creek
Beaver Cove Pioneer Cemetery, Beaver Cove
Beech Street Catholic Cemetery (Immaculate Conception), Sydney Mines (St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Cemetery) (map)
Black Brook Cemetery, Port Morien/Black Brook
Brookside Cemetery, Sydney Mines (map)
Brown Family Cemetery, Howie Centre
Calvary Cemetery (New) (aka Holy Redeemer and St. Mary’s Polish Cemetery), Whitney Pier (map)
Calvary Cemetery (Old), Whitney Pier (map)
Cape Breton Hospital Cemetery, Sydney River
Cemetery, Ironville
Cemetery (aka Huntington Cemetery), Grand Mira North
Centreville Reserve Mines Anglican Cemetery, Centreville Reserve Mines
Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, South Head/Port Morien
Church of Incarnation Cemetery, Edwardsville & Point Edward (map)
Dickson Cemetery (Private), Catalone Gut
Dr. John Pringle Memorial Cemetery, Blacketts Lake
Dutch Brook Cemetery, Dutch Brook
Eastmount Cemetery, Whitney Pier (map)
Ferguson Private Cemetery, Brickyard Road, Mira
Forest Haven Memorial Gardens, Sydney (map)
Gordon United Churchyard Cemetery, Reserve Mines (map)
Greenwood Cemetery, Glace Bay (map)
Harbour Cemetery, Gabarus
Harbourview Cemetery – McCuish Road, Louisbourg
Hardwood Hill Cemetery, Sydney (map)
Hebrew Cemetery, Whitney Pier (map)
Hebrew Cemetery, Glace Bay
Hillcrest Baptist Cemetery, South Bar (map)
Historical Presbyterian Cemetery, Sydney Mines (map)
Holy Cross Cemetery, Sydney
Holy Cross Cemetery Ward 4 (Known as Old St Joseph’s), North Sydney (map)
Holy Cross/Lakeside Cemetery – Johnson Road, North Sydney (map)
Holy Family Cemetery, Eskasoni (map)
Holy Rosary Cemetery, Westmount (map)
Homeville Baptist Cemetery, Port Morien/Homeville (map)
Hornes Road Cemetery, Mira Gut/Albert Bridge
Howie Family Burial Ground, Sydney River
Immaculate Conception Cemetery, Glace Bay (map)
Immaculate Conception Cemetery, Main A Dieu (map)
Kilkenny Lake Cemetery (aka Grove Lake Cemetery), Victoria Mines (map)
King Edward Street Pioneer Cemetery, Glace Bay (map)
Lakeview Cemetery, Gabarus/Gull Cove (map)
Loch End Cemetery, Catalone (map)
Lovett Cemetery, Leitches Creek
MacDonald/Ferguson Private Cemetery, Broughton
MacKenzie Cemetery, Balls Creek
MacLean “Greenhill” Cemetery, Mira (map)
MacLean Cemetery Grand, Mira North
MacVicar/MacLeod Cemetery – Trout Brook Road, Marion Bridge
McAulay Cemetery, Mira
McCarthy or McArthur Cemetery, Sydney Mines
Membertou Memorial Gardens, Membertou (map)
Mira Bay Baptist Cemetery, Mira Gut (map)
Mitchell’s Island Union Ch. Cemetery – Old Road, Edwardsville & Point Edward (map)
Moore Cemetery, North Sydney
Morrison Cemetery – Morrison Road Cemetery, Mira And Area (map)
Mount Carmel Cemetery, New Waterford and Area (map)
Oakfield Cemetery, Marion Bridge (map)
Ocean Avenue Cemetery (Catholic side), Dominion (map)
Ocean Avenue Cemetery (Protestant side)/Chalmers Cemetery, Dominion (map)
Old Baptist Cemetery, North Sydney
Old Chapel Point Pioneer Cemetery, Little Bras d’Or
Our Lady of Fatima Cemetery, Sydney River (map)
Pioneer Cemetery, Upper Grand Mira
Point Aconi Cemetery, Point Aconi (map)
Resurrection Cemetery, Sydney Forks (map)
Riverside Cemetery, North River (map)
Riverside Cemetery, Marion Bridge (map)
Riverview Cemetery, Marion Bridge (map)
Sacred Heart Parish Cemetery, Sydney (map)
Sandfield Cemetery, Grand Mira North
Silver Mine Cemetery, Silver Mine
Spencer Private Cemetery, Mira Gut
St. Agnes Parish Cemetery, New Waterford and Area (map)
St. Alphonsus’ Cemetery (New), New Victoria (map)
St. Alphonsus’ Cemetery (Old), New Victoria (map)
St. Andrew’s Pioneer Cemetery, Little Bras d’Or
St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Boisdale (map)
St. Ann’s/St. John’s/St. Leo’s/Holy Cross Cemetery, Glace Bay (map)
St. Anthony’s Cemetery (New), Glace Bay (map)
St. Anthony’s Cemetery (Old), Glace Bay
St. Barra’s Cemetery, Christmas Island
St. Bartholemew’s Anglican Cemetery (New), Louisbourg (map)
St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Cemetery (Old), Louisbourg (map)
St. Eugene’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Dominion (map)
St. George’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Sydney (map)
St. Gregory’s Parish Catholic Cemetery, Donkin (map)
St. James Anglican Cemetery, Main A Dieu (map)
St. James Cemetery, Gardiner Mines (map)
St. James Methodist Cemetery, Louisbourg (map)
St. James Presbyterian Cemetery, Big Bras d’Or
St. John’s Anglican Cemetery (New), Point Edward (map)
St. John’s Anglican Cemetery (Old), Point Edward (map)
St. John’s Anglican Cemetery, Main A Dieu
St. Joseph’s – Holy Family Cemetery, Reserve Mines – Glace Bay (map)
St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Lingan (map)
St. Joseph’s Cemetery, New Victoria (map)
St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Albert Bridge/Brickyard Road
St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Little Bras d’Or (map)
St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Sydney Mines (map)
St. Jude’s & St. Peter’s Anglican Cemetery, Big Lorraine
St. Louis/St. Richard’s Cemetery, Louisbourg West (map)
St. Luke’s Anglican Cemetery, Port Caledonia/Donkin (map)
St. Luke’s United Cemetery, Port Caledonia/Donkin (map)
St. Margaret’s Parish Cemetery, Grand Mira South (map)
St. Mark’s Anglican Cemetery, Coxheath (map)
St. Mary’s / Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Sydney Mines (map)
St. Mary’s Anglican Cemetery, Glace Bay
St. Mary’s Anglican Pioneer Cemetery, Glace Bay
St. Mary’s Cemetery, Frenchvale
St. Mary’s Cemetery/Big Pond Cemetery, Big Pond
St. Mary’s Parish Cemetery, East Bay
St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery (New), Port Morien/Black Brook
St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery (Old), Port Morien
St. Michael’s Cemetery, River Ryan/Scotch Town
St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Sydney
St. Paul’s Anglican Cemetery (New), Port Morien/Black Brook
St. Paul’s Anglican Cemetery (Old), Port Morien/Black Brook
St. Stephen’s Cemetery, Florence
St. Theresa’s Cemetery, Sydney
Stella Maris Cemetery (New), Louisbourg
Stella Maris Cemetery (Old), Louisbourg West
Trinity Anglican Cemetery (New), Sydney Mines
Union (Moffatt) Cemetery, North Sydney
Union Grove Cemetery – Scotch Town, New Waterford and Area
Upper Leitches Creek Cemetery /Calvin United Church, Leitches Creek
Willow Grove Cemetery, Louisbourg
Zion Cemetery, Gabarus Lake (map)