Addington Forks Cemetery, Addington Forks
Afton Road Cemetery, Afton
Ballantyne’s Cove Cemetery (Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church & Cemetery), between Cape George and Livingstone Cove (map)
Bethany Cemetery (Sisters of St. Martha), Antigonish (map)
Black Loyalist Cemetery, Monastery (map)
Boyd’s Cemetery, Cribbens Point
Cameron Cemetery, North Lochaber (map)
Cape George Cemetery (St. David’s United Church), Cape George (map)
Cemetery, North Lochaber
Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Linwood
Cloverville Road Cemetery (St. James United/St. Paul’s Anglican/Baptist/Presbyterian Cemetery), Cloverville
Cummings Cemetery, Upper South River (map)
Glen Bard Cemetery, James River (map)
Harbour Center Cemetery (Paddy’s Hollow – Sundial), Harbour Center
Kings United Church Cemetery/Old Cemetery, South Side River
Lanark Cemetery, Lanark
Landry Farm Cemetery, Lower South River
Marydale Cemetery, Marydale
Morar Cemetery (Old Morar Chapel), Morar
Morvan Cemetery (St. Mary’s Immaculate Conception), Keppoch Mtn.
Murray Cemetery, Lochaber (map)
New Lakevale Cemetery, Lakevale
North Lochaber Cemetery, Lochaber Lake
Ohio Cemetery, Ohio
Old Catholic Cemetery, Antigonish
Old Ohio Cemetery, Ohio Cross Roads
Pomquet Cemetery, Pomquet
South Side Harbour Cemetery (Old), South Side Harbour
St. Andrew’s Cemetery (Old), St. Andrew’s
St. Andrew’s RC Cemetery (aka Middle South River Cemetery), South River
St. Anne’s Cemetery (Mi’kmaq), Summerside
St. Columba Catholic Church Cemetery (Old Lakevale Cemetery), Lakevale
St. Croix Roman Catholic Cemetery, Pomquet
St. George’s Roman Catholic Church Cemetery, Georgeville
St. James Presbyterian (United) Cemetery, Antigonish
St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Antigonish
St. Margaret of Scotland Cemetery, Arisaig
St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal Cemetery, Bayfield (map)
St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Maryvale
St. Mary’s/Immaculate Conception Cemetery/Heatherton Cemetery, Heatherton
St. Matthew’s United Cemetery, Bayfield
St. Ninian’s Cemetery, Antigonish (map)
St. Patrick’s Catholic Cemetery, Lochaber
St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Merland
St. Paul’s Cemetery, Havre Boucher (map)
St. Peter’s Catholic Church (New/Old), Tracadie
Stewart Cemetery, Lochaber
Town Point Hierlihy Cemetery (aka Church of England), Town Point
Upper Big Tracadie United Baptist Cemetery, Tracadie (map)